Call for Papers 2018-2019 – Journal no. 14

Deadline submissions February 28, 2019.

We would like to inform you that our journal is seeking submissions (unpublished and original texts) for its no. 14, about “Violence against women: views without borders”, which will be coordinated by Maria Teresa Santos and Maria da Saudade Baltazar.

Given the phenomenon of violence against women – persistent, transversal and without borders – it must be deepened in a multidisciplinary framework and by different epistemological and empirical perspectives. It is in this academic spirit of commitment that we call for articles that propose the reinforcement of good social practices and humanistic policies, as well as narratives about real experiences and the limit of the vulnerability of victims of gender violence.

Thematic lines should respect the following objectives:

  1. Share investigations and results on violence against women, which deepen causes, manifestations and dimensions;
  2. Reflect articulately, in a diachronic and multidisciplinary context, on the context of the phenomenon and its community expression;
  3. Contribute to the consistency of legal measures, educational policies and social interventions that not only care for victims of gender violence, but also avoid this practice.

Submissions for the next edition are welcome for all, and can be sent through our web page, by registering yourself as an author (“Autor/a”, in Spanish) and attaching your paper at the same time. All people already registered in our web page can send their papers from their registered profiles.

The deadline for the papers must be submitted up to February 28, 2019. We thank you all for your contributions.

We remind you that we also have the section “Open Forum” (“Tribuna Abierta”, in Spanish), which allows submissions with a different subject from the main theme of the journal, and a section for submissions of book and movies reviews.

Additionally, we provide you the link for the last edition of Cuestiones de Género: de la igualdad y la diferencia Journal, whose title was “Women breaking the sexual division of work spaces”, coordinated by Pilar Ballarín Domingo and Elena Aguado Cabezas.

Cuestiones de género: de la igualdad y la diferencia is an academic journal with open access and annual publication created by initiative of the University of León Interdisciplinary Seminar for the Study of Women (In Spanish: Seminario Interdisciplinar de Estudios de las Mujeres de la Universidad de León). It is open to all investigation works carried out on the feminist studies area with the aim of consolidate an academic and interdisciplinary space of inquiry, encounter and debate on gender matters. It welcomes unpublished submissions in any of the official languages of the European Union.

The Journal is indexed by the following databases:

CIRCDialnetDICEDOAJDulcineaERIH PlusGoogle Scholar MetricsGoogle ScholarIN-RecsLatindexMIARREBIUNREDIBRESHWordCat, ISOC CSIC y Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory.


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